F prot ms-dos antivirus software

It is available in related versions for several platforms. Not only is it free for individual noncommercial use, but it is updated frequently in order to keep pace with new virus types over 311,000 viruses, trojans, etc. Among features included in fprot antivirus for dos is. The sale of licenses for fprot antivirus for dos and all development of this product has been discontinued. In 1991, fprot antivirus for dos became the worlds first. Fprot antivirus windows, corporate fprot antivirus windows, corporate, x64 fprot antivirus lan update version windows, corporate. Windows phone antivirus free software downloads and. Zip contains the dec95 microsoft antivirus updates for both msdos and ms.

Fprot antivirus for windows provides users with automatic realtime detection and removal of viruses, worms and trojans from files and emails, as well as offering the option of scheduling. Dos scan antivirus software free download dos scan. Frisk software international, the makers of fprot antivirus and fprot aves. Rhbvs rose swes heuristic based virus scanner command line scanner. Please refer to fprot antivirus for windows or our products for other platforms for your needs. To download other fprot antivirus products for home use, visit our home users download section. Fprot antivirus home edition is fast and easy to use, has a light footprint, automatic update system and offers realtime file system protection. Fprot antivirus for dos is the classic antivirus software that has been. Microsoft antivirus msav is an antivirus protection program ship. If you need to access your old license or have not renewed and created an access to the web shop account area, please go here to enter the old customer number customer id login. The virus scanner can be used on most computer operating systems used today, and.

Customer since 1992 vernondozer july 10, 20 version. It is available for microsoft windows, microsoft exchange server, linux, bsd, solaris, aix, ibm eservers and nix the scanning engine used by f prot provides signature based detection capability, heuristics, and low use of the computers resources. Among features included in fprot antivirus for dos is an effective heuristic scanner to. Update of the antivirus definitions of f prot for dos. Fprot antivirus for windows, linux, bsd, exchange, aix. Frisk software has released f prot antivirus for linux, bsd, and aix version 6. F turns off the display of filenames that have been scanned. Download fprot antivirus for dos fprot antivirus downloads. Frisk software has released fprot antivirus for linux, bsd, and aix version 6. Fprot antivirus for windows free download and software. Dos antivirus software free download dos antivirus. The software can be used on private home computers, on the individual workstation or on a whole network. We offer flexible setup, a light footprint, and automatic internet or lan updates, linux, bsd, and solaris support, and other solutions for businesses.

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