Motorola gtx 800 mhz programming software

In short, the gtx works, assuming you can get the thing programmed. Motorola original oem apx stubby antenna 764870 mhz with gps nar6595a uhf 806941mhz stubby antenna 8505241u06 for motorola xts2500 xts3000 xts3500 xts5000 ht mts2000 mtx950 gtx two way radio pack of 2. Tweak the motorola programming software to allow programming out of the normal commercial range and into the ham bands. The gtx mobile radio is available in the 800 mhz and 900 mhz frequency ranges. This method only work within few mhz from the software limits. Gtx radios transmit and receive signals that are 5 khz wide on 800 mhz. Motorola gtx mobile 800 mhz 35 watt trunked ltr radio. The gtx series is fairly unique in that they were made for 800 mhz and 900 mhz only, while the maxtrac series that were made about the same time were available in five different bands from 30 through 900 mhz. A trunked system has many channels, which are transparently shared by all the users. How to use motorola 800mhz radio during the disaster at ucsd health. Motorola gtx series 900mhz service manual and specs. Similarly, the filters for both receive and transmit for the 800 mhz gtx are all wrong, and even if you modified the motorola code plug with a hex editor, the radio would still be deaf and dumb on 900. Motorola programming primer if you are new to programming motorola 2way radios, these are the things you should know.

A common misconception is that you just build a cable for your radio, plug it into the serial port of your computer and you are ready to program. Motorola gtx 800 for ham band amateur radio stack exchange. It appears that the motorola gtx900 radios can be used for amateur radio use. We offer a 35w power model that operates on 800 mhz frequencies. Unfortunately, gtx s have doubled in price on ebay in the last year. The latest versions of airtest and aircalc are included in the ts4000 configuration program which is available for download below. The make and model number of these diodes is unknown. One program handles the 800 mhz and 900 mhz gtx mobiles and handhelds, all variations. Programming software for motorola gm 300 gm300 gm300. The user only hears communications within their work group. Radios are in excellent shape and guaranteed fully operational.

Motorola gm 300 gm300 gm300 dos rss programming software. In the 900 mhz maxtrac radio, the stock varactors are labeled as t8, shown above. Buy motorola 8505241u06 stubby 800900mhz antenna xts5000 xpr6580 dtr xts2500. They are a little more complicated to use and program than other motorola.

In the event of a power blackout, will the radios still work. Be careful to select the correct frequency band split. After searching for the genuine motorola program i came across motorola radius gm300 radio doctor. Gtx 900 mhz radio information, notes, and tips mobile section. Unit come complete with palm mic, power cable and mounting bracket. For sale used used motorola gtx800 800mhz 15 watt mobile free programming these radios make an excellent conventional radio for those involved in ema emergency management agency work were you are required to provide your own radios. Im looking at purchasing a motorola gtx 800mhz from a friend, but am unsure of what bands id exactly cover with this and havent found much info online about it. Share motorola gtx 800 mhz two way radio mobile m11urd6cb1an. Weighing as little as your avarge smartphone, its slim design and forwardthinking features, such as intelligent audio. Make sure you check the 4th character of the model number for the proper band. Motorola gtx 800 mhz two way radio mobile m11urd6cb1an for.

Rss for motorola gm300 radio, you can program 40 channels to gm300 with this rss. What are the distinctions among the available models. I see offerings in a lot of places but do not care to experiment and thought for sure there would be good advice available here. This video shows you how to download the motoroloa rdx two way radio software to your computer. Motorola 800 mhz trunking mobile radio information 800 mhz trunking only detailed contents. These radios are not designed for hams who are accustomed to programming their own radios, changing. Rss for motorola gm300 professional series, gp300 professional series radio, version 03. Other than the motorola programmers, i do not know of any way to program any of these trunking radios. I still dont know why as they are the lowest quality of the motorola s in my opinion. This radio is capable of both conventional and ltr trunking operation.

Calling the last id number transmitted or received. Completely compatible with the dhs nonfederal 800 mhz. Naturally, they also use different programming software. Motorola gtx800 800mhz mobile radio 15w privacy plus. Please do not make requests for copies of radio programming software which is sold or was sold by the manufacturer for any monetary value.

The xts1500 portable radio antenna from motorola is available in vhf, uhf, and 800 mhz in styles such as flexible whip and short stubby. Ive found the 800 mhz variants of these radios are good for spare parts knobs, antenna jacks, buttons, speakers but not much else. For sale used used motorola gtx800 800mhz 15 watt mobile. The motorola gtx radio service software rss rvn4150.

Cab drivers, landfill operators, cement truck drivers, realtors, public works, etc. The motorola gtx radio service software rss privacy plusltr currently supports. These instructions will convert a 900 mhz lts to allow entry of 900 mhz ham channels. Motorola apparently came out with a new series of gtx portables for 800 900 use.

Motorola gtx m11ugd6cb1an 800 mhz trunking radio ebay. This new gtx portable contains no display nor keypad. Motorola xts2500 radio antennas are optimized for either vhf, uhf, or the 700 800 mhz bands missioncritical communication systems integrator to take full advantage of this site, please enable. You need a radio so reliable and responderfocused, its second nature to use it. As in the gtx software, where the same package programs both gtx portable and mobile, the lcs software will program both the lcs 2000 mobiles as well as the lts 2000 portables.

Antennas free delivery possible on eligible purchases. As always, youll enjoy outstanding motorola quality and the great communication. I must say i had some trepidations about 4w of 902 mhz rf going right into my eyes. Gtx 900 mhz radio information, notes, and tips mobile. Motorola xts1500 portable radio vhf, uhf, 800 mhz antennas. Xts 3000 portables 104 model 3 16, model 2 11, model 1 77. Motorola hln6863b mid power rear ignition cable for motorola.

Motorola gtx 800 mhz two way radio mobile m11urd6cb1an. Motorola gtx 800mhz mobile questions radioreference. The syntor x 9000e came closer to the spectra integrated design, as it only has an added. Question on motorola gtx m11wgd4cb1an 900 mhz radios. Motorola gtx installation manual 19 pages 900mhz two way mobile radio.

Motorola gm300 motorola m1225 motorola sm50sm120 motorla maxtrac motorla gtx 800 mhz motorla spectra motorla maxar. The gtx series is fairly unique in that they were made for 800 mhz and 900 mhz. Motorola gtx 800 mhz mobile radio m11ugd6cb1an ebay. To anyone looking to acquire commercial radio programming software. Motorola mobile radio, gtx, 900 mhz, 10 channels, m11wrd4cb1an very good preowned condition. Sorry if this should have been in a different section, i did not see anything for repeaters.

Motorola 800 mhz gtx mobile radio model m11ugd6cb1an for. And i am looking for the hardware cable and software to set up a motorola gr 1225. Gtx 900mhz mobile radio exhibit 9a details for fcc id abz99ft3004 made by motorola. So incredibly thin and light, the mototrbo sl7550 portable radio is the ultimate in discreet communications. Discussion in mobile radio systems started by kb1ovf, jan 17. Motorola gtx model m11ugd6cu1an 800mhz trunking mobile radio with mic and stand. Mts 2000tm, lcs 2000tm, lts 2000tm, mt 2000tm, mcs 2000tm. Efjohnson 8600 series efjohnson 58765877 efjohnson 71807187 efjohnson ltr 71827186. It has been pointed out to me that this software only works with the gm300 so i have adjusted the page. Motorola xts2500 vhf, uhf, 700800 mhz radio antennas. Channel selector on top is a 16 position channel selector but will according to our documentation only support 12 trunked channels and 4 conventional channels.

This is a lot consisting of motorola radios removed from service. This box is not the original, but it will be included to help protectstore see photos for details. Kenwood communications kpg master programming cd software with serial. The gtx is basically a smartnet trunked 800 radio, and it will become useless as soon as rebanding takes. Aircalc is a wireless range estimation software package for windows pcs. Motorola gtx m11ugd6cb1an 800mhz smartnet radio 10w. Programming service software for the motorola radius gm300. Programming these radios is a chore if you arent prepared. This equipment was used in fire, police, and various public works departments up until replacement last fall. Programming motorola gr1225 repeater hamradioforum.

It does seem to be windowsfriendly, however i have not programmed a radio by running it in anything other than pure msdos. Motorola jealously guards their rights to their software and does not tolerate pirating. How to download the motorola rdx programming software. They come in 12w and 30w versions, but the 30w gtx s are rare.

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