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San soo is style of kung fu, san shou is chinese kickboxing. In truth, san soo, is the old school kung fu fighting system that it has always been. To become a grandmaster, one must attain each of the following accomplishments. Tone your body and strengthen your core with a class here. Woo, had its origins in the very basics of chinese feudal life over 2,500 years ago in the temple of kwan yin. Kung fu meant a method of self defense, san soo means full combatfighting portion of the art. Scheller, he now continues training under 8th degree black belt master, sifu david a. Kung fu san soo info is a free resource and the most complete and up to date directory of kung fu san soo schools and information resource in the usa and international worldwide. This 177 page book includes interesting brochures and artifacts gathered over many years of collecting san soo information. When san soo is combined with the term kung fu, its connotation is the complete use and. Free matrixing books an incredible wealth of data, this book will tell you abou.

Our common goal is to carry on grandmaster woos vision in presenting this excellent selfdefense system. If this art of kung fu san soo is a brilliant art it will survive and thrive. Learning kungfu helps the student develop confidence, a quality that, in itself, is a deterrent to hostility. This is an outstanding kung fu san soo book written by a credible and well known master of kung fu san soo. See more ideas about kung fu, martial arts, martial. Buy it, before it returns to very scarce\rare and hard to find again. Kung fu san soo or tsio li ho fut hung is a five family fighting system that rocks, or at least this is how i feel about the art. Find 186 listings related to chuan fa san soo kung fu in oxnard on. Kung fu san soo books and training manuals kung fu san. Riverside martial arts dave hopkins kung fu san soo. Kung fu san soos basic 45 lessons gatewood, master ronald l. Understanding the attacks of kung fu san soo kung fu san. Jul 20, 2007 kung fu san soo is a perfect example of how the offensive mind set works.

Dvdsvideos master bill hulseys kung fu san soo ecrater. Kung fu san soo, as it is commonly referred to in america, is a comprehensive system of selfprotection. During his tour of duty in vietnam, raul earned two purple hearts. Our school has been instructing the art of kung fu san soo since 1980. I personally bought five autographed books from him many years ago.

When someone throws a punch at you, your defense is to attack the arm with a strike and by targeting certain parts of the arm, like where the nerves are. The instructors on this site are united in an uncompromising commitment to preserve the art of kung fu san soo. The learning process develops selfdiscipline and awareness, often enhancing job performance. Our adult kung fu program is unlike anything you will ever experience. The author taught these lessons to his students for years so you can be assured of their accuracy. Kung fu san soo, tsoi li hoi fut hung ga, is an aggressive art of selfdefense tested throughout thousands of years of handtohand combat. King, gives a brief history of his grandfather and the powerful combative hand to hand style of fighting known today as kung fu san soo. See more ideas about martial arts, kung fu and martial.

The 5 family fist is an important part of san soo, and is commonly practiced in the taishan region of the guangdong province. In the december 1999 issue of inside kung fu magazine san soo is referred to as legendary and devastating a pure chinese fighting art that has few equals. When the temple was under attack the monks gave leuon kik the fighting manauls leuon was adopted by. This 177 page book includes interesting brochures and artifacts gathered. Martial arts at oklahoma citys phoenix rising kung fu san soo association is a great workout that will leave you feeling zen. Phoenix rising kung fu sansoo oklahoma city, ok groupon. Those san soo practitioners who value the art for its purity revere its antiquity and unbroken lineage, as much as. Shou and soo are just two different english ways of writing the same word hand in chinese.

Mandarin pinyin is a compound of two words, combining. Master bernice chin woo was president of ikfssa from 19921997 and is currently hosting the j. Barry began training in kung fu san soo under master brad sorritt in 1998. It is the raw application and technique of training your body to act as a human fighting system. Kung fu san soo chula vista california free uniform coupon kung fu san soo martial arts instruction, martial arts books, kung fu, tai chi. It used to routinely sell for hundreds of dollars used amongst collectors. Kung fu san soo was brought to america by a chin family practitoner, chin siu dek.

He used the term san soo to reinforce the combat style of his art. See more ideas about kung fu, martial arts and martial. Our school has instructed law enforcement officers in such areas as body searching techniques and knife takeaway methodology. After his discharge, raul returned to lo sifus studio and resumed his training receiving his masters eighth degree black belt in 1980.

These lessons are shared with you by a san soo master who studied directly with grand master jimmy h. First introduced to san soo in redlands, ca by master dennis a. Im 18, live in a small redneck town in idaho, graduate in a couple months, and am a first degree black belt in kung fu san soo. Or, more accurately, i have been training for almost 7 years.

Kungfu san soo, granada hills is celebrating its 17th year in business, offering professional selfdefense instruction for the whole family. Then you proceed to other vital targets on the body,throat,heart,solar plexus,groin etc. We are also home to the largest and most complete selection of kung fu san soo books, training videos dvds, and clothing tshirts, hoodies, etc. Gerald okamura the story of the san soo weapons designed by gerald okamura was that he worked as a machinist in aircraft and created his swords on break or lunch, the details i dont know but they were very nice looking. Kung fu san soo fighting techniques and forms just as if you were being taught in the studio.

Five families of san soo empire san soo kung fu san soo. We will strive to present correctness of information and teach future generations the traditional fighting form of kung fu san soo. Kathy long covering kung fu san soo concepts duration. Master dale woodall san soo kung fu studio martial arts fighting techniques duration. Kung fu san soo is considered, by many, to be the most sophisticated and complete form of martial art in existence today. Teaching students the effective use of physics, body dynamics, and common sense. The rank, master of kung fu san soo, is achieved after 8 years of training from receiving your black belt, with a minimum of 11 years of san soo training. It is a martial art that emphasizes the martial aspects of fighting as opposed to the tournament aspects found in other forms of martial arts. Chun sik kim teaches you basic tang soo do techniques. Kung fu san soo as taught in china has many traditional forms and isometric exercises in its training regimen. San soo kung fu is a fighting system based on advanced fighting concepts that reflect the reality of real world. San soo kung fu chinese martial arts combat sports scribd. San soo kung fu master kathy long authentic combat kung fu. At that time he gave an individual lesson to each student starting with ju jitsus punches and kicks there is 1 thru 45 and a small group 5 of aikidos leverage to.

It comes from china via the kwon yin monestary of the goddess of mercy. It is a great workout, offers intense stress relief, and is a very effective streetoriented self defense fighting style. Richard dinsmore has taught kung fu san soo in chula vista for 36 years to men, women and children as well as local police, u. I must admit im glad a believer in the art like yourself called out the bullshit kung fu san soo stories when i left kung fu san soo i realized the stories about jimmy h. This is an open letter to all of those who say you cannot learn kung fu san soo through books or videos. I visited a nearby kung fu school and the sifu was a student of master gin foon mark and so far, his southern praying mantis kung fu seems perfectly functional for self defense. Master ries teaches kung fu san soo twice a week at calvary chapel golden springs. Click on this link and print out your coupon for a free uniform. Kung fu san soo is a timetested martial art based on combinations of punches, kicks, strikes, locks, blocks and throws directed at the vital parts of the body and performed in perfect rhythm following no set pattern, so they may be changed instantly to suit any situation. Train to become stronger and tougher with a mixed martial arts class from phoenix rising kung fu san soo association. Apr 17, 2020 i must admit im glad a believer in the art like yourself called out the bullshit kung fu san soo stories when i left kung fu san soo i realized the stories about jimmy h. History and myths the latest book written by master ron gatewood contains 34 chapters of valuable information about the history, development, people, and lineage of san soo.

Kung fu san soo as taught in china has many traditional forms. Andre salvage is a master in kung fu san soo, with senior ranking in three other styles, and has been teaching since 1974. Kung fu san soo diamond bar 2006 demonstration in association with united martial artists for christ at calvary chapel costa mesa. In krav, i noticed beginners forcing power into the technique too early in their training. Murrietas finest martial art school we are murrietas leading martial art school, offering a wide variety of martial arts. Bring the whole family to this studio, where kiddos are welcomed with open arms. Fill kung fu san soo forms pdf, download blank or editable online. Scars was replaced because it was proven ineffective. Kung fu san soo traditional uniforms, gis, and weapons. While you may be correct that americans view these as two different things, technically that doesnt make any sense. Unfortunately, it will be my last promotion in san soo for a very long time. This is the largest and best collection of san soo lessons ever recorded on. Kung fu san soo forms pdf fill online, printable, fillable, blank.

Kung fu san soo is a perfect example of how the offensive mind set works. Lorenson, head instructor for living free kung fu san soo, has been a student of the martial arts since 1979. San soo afc, kung fu san soo event, seminar and studio photos. An outstanding selection of traditional kung fu uniforms, gis, and shoes at the best prices online plus traditional chinese kung fu weapons, swords, and all of your martial arts supply needs.

Though its application may seem magical, kung fu san soo is a savagely effective fighting art, free of any mystic psycho babble. Secret art of the fighting monks by ronald gatewood 1996, paperback at the best online prices at ebay. He offers instruction to affiliate studio owners all over the country and classes four times a week for all levels at his studio at the presidio ymca in san francisco. Download 4 and learn martial arts pdf northern shaolin kung fu is a very old. Kung fu san soo has an emphasis in fighting, not the spiritual or healing aspects found in other martial arts. Richard dinsmore is a doctor of oriental medicine, tsoi li ho fut kung fu san soo master and christian taoist priest. Kung fu san soo chula vista california free uniform coupon. At kungfu san soo, redding our curriculum is designed to teach the combative skills necessary to deal with dangerous, assaultive situations. This is the complete set of dvds that display the national teachers association dragon logo.

Thats like saying kung fu is different than gung fu. Well, i know a few people who would disagree with you completely. San soo is a devastating street self defense system that is taught to law enforcement, special forces units, and protection agencies across the country. Apr 22, 2012 this is an open letter to all of those who say you cannot learn kung fu san soo through books or videos. Although they share the same name in chinese meaning free hand, context is used to differentiate. Kung fu san soo has been criticized as being an antique martial art, a relic of the ancient past with limited effectiveness in the modern martial arts world. San soo is literally translated as free fighting, and, in the truest sense, this system prepares one to use whatever is necessary to end an unavoidable confrontation with practicality, effectiveness and efficiency. Find 2 listings related to academy of kung fu san soo in westminster on. Dave hopkins kung fu san soo at umafc 2017 youtube. Jerry just learned a tiny bit of san soo and created scars. The rank, grandmaster of kung fu san soo, has historically, been attained by only two people. San soo trains the mind to use the body to generate maximum power from minimum effort, while instantly adapting to any situation. Entering the united states under the chinese exclusion act, and leaving china on the eve of the japanese occupation, chin siu dek took the name, jimmy haw woo as a lifetime. I received my black belt a year and a half ago and was recently promoted.

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