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The quran islam 083002 abdullah al araby posted on 08312002 5. In islam commiting murder is the second biggest sin. In todays politics, many ideas are split between and even within all the political parties. How does the quran compare to the book of genesis on the. Mention of trees in the holy books of judaism, christianity and islam reflect the. This in itself is sufficient proof that muhammad was a false prophet and that the quran is not a revelation from the same god who revealed the books of the holy bible. The holy quran also written as koran is the eternal and literal word of god. Difference between the bible and the quran difference. In the books thoughtprovoking, revealing comparison between the quran and the bible, qureshi exposes seven important differences between these texts.

This statement in the quran is shortsighted and obviously not worthy of god. In a contradictory book such as the bible, just like the quran, you will find messages of peace and charity as quickly as violence and rampage. Jul 19, 2011 as every muslims know god will protect the holy quran till the end of the world. Adam informed the angels that eve was so named because she was made from a part of him and he, adam, was a living being. Some modern findings about the commonality of humans in comparison with some quranic facts. The quran, the central religious text of islam, contains references to more than fifty people and events also found in the bible. To redeem man from his sinful and fallen stage of humanity back to the highest plane of life with his father god, allah. The quran translated into many languages in a simple and easy interface. According to hindus vishnu is god who lives in vaikunta.

I found quran mother of all philosophies cataloging 750 verses of the holy quran inspiring believers to study nature. The versions written in the hebrew bible and the christian new testament predate the quran s versions. The quran is the muslims holy book, the same as is the bible to christians, muslims regard the quran as the infallible utterance of the almighty. However, this commendable work is directed at accomplishing a comparative of the bible and the koran without basing it on a conflict of interest between the actual issues or beliefs of those who worship. Do you know these 7 differences between the bible and quran. Second, sufis are not representative of mainstream islam, which over the centuries has often denounced sufism as a departure from islamic orthodoxy. The problem, however, is that the quran is anything but a confirmation of the inspired scriptures since it often contradicts and garbles up the biblical narratives.

Or so it was made to appear to them free downloadable book prophet muhammads nonviolent sayings. Test your knowledge on this religion quiz to see how you do and compare your score to others. In fact, christianity, islam and judaism all teach that adam pbuh and eve were the first humans created by. We believe that for the guidance of man, god sent down several divine books, among which we may name. I also have respect for the book of mormon, another testament of jesus christ, which was written by inspiration of god to holy prophets. They view the quran as the final revelation sent down by allah to his messenger muhammed. Almighty and all powerful side by side, does exactly what it sets out to achieve. This is a political forum that is nonbiasednonpartisan and treats every persons position on topics equally. The quran says the bible was once good, but over time, it corrupted.

Yes it does, although a different version to the one that appears in the bible today. Prior to sin, adam and eve given free access to fruit of the tree of life genesis 2. The holy quran in many languages in an easytouse interface. There are a lot of similarities between the religions in terms of its place of origin which is the present middle east, some of the concepts and values that they espouse, the conception of monotheism and the like. Islam honors all the prophets who were sent to mankind. If the bible and quran have similarities it must mean the bible is half true. The holy quran also tells us about the prophets, the difficulties they had with their people, all the hard work they had to do, their miracles, and their holy books. In fact, these summaries could even be viewed as daily reading matter. Thriftbooks sells millions of used books at the lowest everyday prices. The name was applied by mohammed to each individual portion of the book, but was later used for the whole book. Ive read the true touching story of our beloved father adam as. The hebrew bible, or christian old testament, does not elsewhere refer to the. If the torah came first then how was the bible and quran created.

Apr 20, 2018 an imam, a student and a calligrapher who works in arabic share their thoughts about the quran where it came from, why its important and how they use it in their everyday lives. Adam and eve, detail by giulio clovio from the book of hours of cardinal. The quran and the bible in the light of history and science. While the stories told in each book are generally comparable, important differences sometimes emerge. Furthermore, it is fully consistent with the nature of prophet mohammed and what the quran, itself, says about his mission. The love of god in the quran and the bible by john gilchrist. Both jewish and christian traditions also maintain that eve was created from adams rib, although in a literal translation of the jewish tradition, rib is sometimes referred to as side. In the hebrew bible, god forms adam from the soil, blows the breath of life into him, and places him and a female companion, eve, in a garden to keep and guard it.

As such, christians regard the quran s versions as being. In the biblical account, adam and eve fall from paradise as a result of. The love of god in the quran and the bible you shall keep the commandments of the lord your god, by walking in his ways and by fearing him. Quran tells us that killing of one innocent person is as if killing the whole of humanity. Jan 12, 2010 no vishnu is no way equal to noah of bible quran. The team of muslim scholars who translated this work include the first woman to translate the holy quran into english. Both scriptures are considered holy to their people, certainly, but their uses are different, their histories are different, and indeed, their very natures are understood differently 104. The fall of adam and eve in the bible and the quran the. All the stories are pretty much the same, of the old testament and new testament. Jan 26, 2014 the story of the fall of adam and eve is found in both the bible and the quran. At any time, a nonmuslim can convert to islam by declaring himself or herself to be a. The bible v the koran the battle of the books christmas specials. Bible and quran conclusion in short, the distance between the muslim quran and the christian scriptures is the distance of infinity. Noah was a man lived on earth where as vishnu is an imaginary character.

Dec 23, 2007 i beleive in the quran bcz it is the most authentic and preaches the most beautiful things, i did actually read the bible but i found a lot of things that were wrong, that is why i prefer the quran, and i also visited a lot of websites and spoke to a lot of ppl who say they found mistakes in the quran, but there is an explanation to everything,no one can find a mistake in the quran as long. This translation includes the original arabic text, an extensive subject index, an eighty page glossary, and an eloquent introduction to the holy quran. Trees in the koran and the bible food and agriculture. Holy quran and the holy books we believe that for the guidance of man, god sent down several divine books, among which we may name. And the servants of the most merciful are those who walk upon the earth easily, and when the ignorant address them harshly, they say words of peace. That is why there have been so much abuse and disregard to the women in this world. The torah and quran is something that man themselves recorded. Past imams during their office have taught parts of them to their students, and these teachings can be found in shia hadith books. Prophet muhammad an arab and a descendant of abraham received these divine revelations the holy quran over a period of 23 years in the seventh century of the common era c. In one of the most beautiful books in the bible, the song of solomon, we have a splendid. And they both have an obligation to spread the wordto get those holy books into the hands and hearts of as many people as they can. It has much pure truth by which to begin to understand other books. An imam, a student and a calligrapher who works in arabic share their thoughts about the quran where it came from, why its important and how they use it in their everyday lives.

This debate forum is not aligned to any political party. Quran according to muslims, the quran is a holy book which instructs all muslims in the way of life and obedience to allah. The bible contains 66 books, written by 40 authors, covering a period of approximately. The bible was true but people corrupted it and changed it. No, the god of the quran is not the god of the bible.

The holy quran tells us in some detail about how to be a decent human being. The quran, on the otherhand, has been the same since it was first put together. Feb 06, 2009 the quran is suppose to be a complete, corrected version of the bible. It says, describing the quran as explaining all things, a guide, a mercy and glad tidings. Difference between koran and bible difference between. The similitude of jesus before allah is as that of adam. The holy koran of the moorish science temple of america divinely prepared by the noble prophet drew ali by the guiding of his father god, allah. As every muslims know god will protect the holy quran till the end of the world.

My dear readers, if it is true that the bible, or i should say the original of the bible, is from the same sourceand about the same peoples and timesas the holy quran, then we should. I dont know of any other religion which gives such a statement regarding murder. Whatever sets itself against christhumanism, islam, buddhism, hinduism, new age, etc. We personally assess every book s quality and offer rare, outofprint treasures. The story of the fall of adam and eve is found in both the bible and the quran. It has been an ongoing battle inside the heads of each of its believers, inside the church and the mosque, in all of both of the religions reading and teaching materials, on the tv, the radio, on the streets with bullets and ammunitions, on the hearts of those who became the victim and the cold unvisited grave of those who. Aug 25, 2015 adam and eve quran quran koran vs bible eden.

According to the creation narrative in the quran, before god made adam, he informed the angels of his divine plan to create a vicegerent on earth. The holy koran of the moorish science temple of america. Looks like either your browser does not support javascript or its disabled. Jun 25, 2014 in the holy quran, allah, the exalted, says. The koran and the bible are the holy books of the two worldwide religions of islam and christianity, respectively. Read online the holy quran book download pdf doc books download harun yahya info about the holy quran book free book download the holy quran related books adnan oktar share on social network like facebook, share on social media on twitter pocket book of the holy quran. First, the quran makes it clear that it is the most complete scripture revealed by god. There are references in chapters 2, 3,7,17,18,19, 20, and others. Or is it evident that the original holy word of god is still intact in the form of the 66 books of the bible and available to.

It is the only book where all the words of allah god were written down as they were being revealed, without any changes whatsoever. The quran mentions the torah, the zabur psalms and the injil gospel as being revealed. Hi who is the vishnu in the holy books of bible and quran. To redeem man from his sinful and fallen stage of humanity back to the highest plane of. Adam and eve quran quran koran vs bible eden youtube.

That is why the women never achieved full equality in rights with their fellow men, even if they were more qualified. Not only does the prophetic prowess of the bible elevate it far above the holy books of other religions but as new archeological nuggets are uncovered the trustworthiness of scripture as well as the. Reprinted from the meaning of the holy quran yusuf ali, abdullah, ali, abdullah yusuf on. Yes, the bible and quran teach quite similar things, as does the book of mormon, the dhammapada, and the i ching and other sacred books. Does the quran also tell the story of adam and eve.

Can you name the holy book that these passages come from, the bible or the quran. This ought not to complicate the presentation of the relevant summary for the night if the reader keeps it in tandem with the nights quranic recitation. Moreover even in war if enemy declines towards peace quran tells us to escort them enemies to place of security. But the most accurate of the holy books is the quran. Like most other stories which are found in both holy books, the biblical and quranic versions share some similarities, but also differ greatly in key areas. Surat taha verse 52 sahih international moses said, the knowledge thereof is with my lord in a record. If quran has some preachings or tales that are similar to that in the bible, then this is because all holy books came from a single source god. The other two books you mentioned contain hadiths and likewise not any revelation akin to the special status of the holy quran. They also convey the simple messages of bird and wife and path and bunches of others. First, this support is from outside the quran and volfs principal argument rests on a comparison of the gods of the two holy books, the god of the bible and the god of the quran.

According to shia islam these books do exist now and are currently kept by imam mahdi s. Adams spouse is mentioned in the quran in verses 3536 of chapter 2, verses 1923 of chapter 7, verses 117121 of chapter 20, bu. Its a comparative and a very interesting one at that of these ancient texts that have profoundly influenced this world for the better or worse as could be eternally argued. The quran incorrectly states that christians believe and the bible teaches that god begat a son as a human father does. The bible, the holy quran and the mother of the book. The story of adam pbuh and eve is known the world over and is used by some to explain how mankindas existence began on earth. Why god didnt protect the other three holy books like quran. Black america can become greater than ancient egypt. Volf points to sufis muslim mystics for support, for they have often praised love for god. The holy quran is the only holy book that remains the unchanged word of god almighty in its original form.

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